Previously the ultimate source of getting news was only through newspapers and that too in their printed from. Now all that has changed as people no longer rely on just printed newspapers to stay up to date. In this modern world, the immediate sources of getting news are TV news channels, digital newspapers, radio, and social media. Many websites strive to offer latest news. The competition among digital platforms is tough where every news channel wants to be the first to break the news and in this rat race many a times the authenticity of the information is compromised. Pakistan's national language is Urdu and it is the language that is understood by the majority of the population. This is why Urdu news is preferred over English news. UrduPoint is a digital platform, which is proffering Urdu news as well as English news simultaneously. In the age of technology, people get their news on the go, with a few clicks on their smart phones. With easy access to budget phones irrespective of one's socio-economic background, this is everyone's preferred mode of information. UrduPoint is the ultimate source of getting all news, be it international or national.